Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waiting to Live

Some poor misguided soul keeps waiting for "the big one"--the "breakthrough". Some day they will really join the human race and live like others do. They will get the good job, have the nice home, and give their wives some of the things she deserves.

Years go by. Decades go by. The deluded one keeps looking to the future when it all comes together. Then the body tells them they have passed its expiration date. The insurance company actuarial table hits them.

You have had it. Cancel the big plans. They just never happened. Have you picked out a burial plot? Those who live in the clouds must some day return to earth.

I am not speaking of others. I speak of myself. It's too late now. You have only one hope. It is that God will forgive you. Maybe you will do better in the life to come?

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