Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Life Saving Plants

Not some obscure, hard to identify, rare plants, but plants that are quite common and with their vitamins and just plain nutrition could save many lives. I tried to tell about them and others to a dear friend. She would have none of it!

"I prefer meat and potatoes," she told me. Love 'em myself, but famine is when you can't get meat and potatoes.

Why do I mention the terrible word "famine"? Because Jesus tells us that it will be a feature of the times nearing the end. When I see pictures of people living on the streets and underfed, in our own country, I do not laugh at famine as if it was some remote possibility.

Not only a shortage of food, but of non-genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are a terrible threat to us. Wheat, corn, and rice are some of the major crops that have been made unfit for humans or animals to eat. This, supposedly to make them resistant to the horrible poisons sold to kill weeds. In much of the world, chemicals are offered as the solution to every farm problem.

These poisons, besides contaminating our food, enter into the ground water so that we drink them. My belief is that it is a major part of a population reduction program.

For pure and very nutritious food I offer the following plants. Even very busy people can learn three plants. Many more can be added to them. Please sample the videos hyper linked in this post. All kinds of people are catching on.

While many face food shortages, even through high prices, or because food is unfit to eat, others have a chance to eat and live. God made these plants too.

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