Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your Vacation in Chittim

You and your mate walk into a travel agency. The nice person behind the desk asks how they can help you. "We'd like to spend two weeks in Chittim," you say. "Do you have any good deals there?"

The poor person would like to help you, but there are no package deals for Chittim, not even any brochures in the rack. In fact the person working there has no idea where you are talking about. They may know the latest on "Justin Bieber's new tattoo, but this one is too much for them.

I can't really blame them. Chittim is not a popular place to visit. Know anyone who was born there? You look in your NIV Bible. Not even a mention. Your trusty Strong's says Chittim is not a specific place at all, but a generic term for islands in the Mediterranean.

Now you are really lost. The NIV doesn't even list it, just going along with the generic "islands". Why would anyone care to study these "islands", much less even go there?

There is a good reason, not about your vacation, but about end time prophecy. For the Bible says these islands will figure in very important battles. Ever notice how seemingly unimportant places are mentioned in God's Word, while great power houses, like the USA are not mentioned at all?

Things will reverse some day. Little guys will become big guys. Some students say one of the islands will be Cyprus. Heard anything about Cyprus recently? Oh how God's word is like tomorrow's newspaper!

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