Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unholy Laughter

Let all things be done decently and in order. I Cor. 14:40

There is a movement afoot, especially in large gatherings, to induce what is called "holy laughter". I hear it happens in China too. Some try to justify it on the basis that those who celebrated Pentecost, after the death of Christ, exhibited gifts of the Spirit that some mistook for drunkenness.

Pentecost was a Jewish feast day and was fulfilled. Have you ever heard of a second occurance of Pentecost? The unusual events of Pentecost included the sound of a mighty wind and tongues of fire above the heads of believers. Are these in evidence at such meetings today?

The attempted manefestation of the Holy Spirit represents a counterfeiting of the one member of the Godhead that can be faked. Who can mimic the Father? Who can do the tangible acts of Jesus? But a gathering of people can be induced to laugh, faint, dance, and roll on the floor in a vain attempt to recreate the great miracle of Pentecost.

Are people so suggestable?

I remember as a boy hearing a talk on nose bleeds. To me, as I listened to the details, it was pretty gruesome. As the lesson was about to end, I felt a drop of blood fall from my nose. It hit my note book. I was amazed that just hearing a lesson could make this happen.

I have been in tongues meetings, seen hundreds of people "slain in the Spirit". I am not inexperienced in such things. I have seen and talked to someone who fell into a faint at such a gathering.

Some are immune to such things. We are often said to be "lacking the Holy Spirit". I am so grateful that God, not men, will be my judge in this.

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