Monday, August 5, 2013

Your Isosceles Truck

Truck, moving van, or taxi, we can make a simple bug out aid that will go places that AAA doesn't have on their maps. I just watched a nifty video showing a gentleman making a primitive frame to help you lug heavy loads through unpaved territory.

Of course the simple device is the travois, long used by Indians to haul shelters, food, and people. They have been pulled by horses and dogs, but this one was for use by people. It consists of four sticks lashed together with para cord.

The demonstration used "found" poles and crossbars. The man who made the video said he didn't want to "hurt a tree" in making one. So he found some fallen branches. How about this for a nice attitude? "You want to make an isosceles triangle," he said, which was a vee with two crossbars. One for your hands to hold, and one to help carry your load.

I think of Tarzan's shopping cart. This really fits into my idea of bugging out, not loading your SUV to hit the highway. All you need in the construction is some cord. Skilled people could use vines, and maybe a knife to smooth the pole ends so they drag more easily. The whole woods is your parts department.

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