Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where Are the Tongues of Fire?

I really need to ask for your forgiveness and forbearance as I return to a theme I just wrote about. It is the practice, dear to many churches, of trying to repeat the Jewish feast of Pentecost. I doubt that you are in any way directly involved, but it could still be important to you. It is an indication of the present state of the church.

I watched more videos online of people supposedly drunk in the Spirit, laughing, collapsing, and twitching. Some do not recover for hours according to one narrator. So, lamentable as this is, what has it to do with you?

First of all, you may know someone who is involved in such practices and wish to correct them in this. I recently heard one of their preachers threaten any who would attempt to correct them. He said he would not listen to anyone who tried to give scriptures contrary to this practice. I can see why. The Bible is fatal to their Satanic doctrine.

Among the ideas they promote is that Jesus and the disciples were wealthy! Paul, they say, had a large house. This is the allied idea of the "prosperity gospel". This latter afflicts some of the most staid and dignified churches.

I remember opening the trunk of my car to retrieve a book to give to such a church member. He stared at my poor spare tire. It was inflated .but treadless. I was later told that such people check out your shoes. Crummy shoes indicate those out of the will of God. I have experienced this too. I thought I was back at Ft.Knox. "Soldier, look at those boots!"

I am still talking about a very dignified church. Someone said that I was guilty of "unconfessed sin". They would not say it to my face, but I must have coughed or something.

So, all kinds of churches are in trouble. My experiences were years ago. It could be worse by now.

To those, both out of control and super dignified who would try to claim a superior gift of the Holy Spirit, I would say re-read Acts chapter two. Where are your tongues of fire, and what about the mighty wind? Don't try to fake it with an electric fan.

You can see Kenneth Hagin on being filled with the Spirit here.

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