Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dishonest Opinions

It is very common today to say that every point of view is equally valid. This is now considered a given. I don't give a hoot about the charade of politics for instance, but when this equality principle is applied to Christianity, I totally reject it.

I believe in and strive for absolutes. Like the gold in Fort Knox, just because I don't have it does not mean it is not there. Let me give some examples.

I reject the idea that Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses are just "denominations" of the church. They are separate (sham) religions and not in the household of God at all. To support their false ideas of who Christ is, they each have their own "holy" book.

There is an old saying among theologians that "Christology is the test of orthodoxy." This says it so well. You cannot believe in Jesus if you do not believe He is the Son of God. "A" son of God will not do.

Furthermore, though the followers of these cults may be totally sincere, the founders and leaders are not just people who have a "difference of opinion". They are enemies of Christ and his church.

A lady told me of a little girl who drank a glass of coal oil, thinking it was water. She died very quickly. Her sincerity did not alter the deadly effects of the poisonous drink.

If someone had a restaurant that served such poisonous food and drinks, and charged you for the poison, that would be what false religions do. Religions can be very confused and murky. In fact they are. But the Bible is not and neither are churches based on it.

You may have such a church in your living room or gathered around your kitchen table. Eliminate the paganism and spurious additions, and you have pure religion. Yes, there will be differences, but not over who Christ is.

The Bible is not so hard to understand if you have your own seminary. A study Bible, concordance, and perhaps a book of definitions like Bible encyclopedias are all you need. These are all available online, until the electric power goes out.

Do you want your family to have pure food and drink? Then why let them eat and drink poison religion?

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