Sunday, May 18, 2014

Octomom Churches

Remember the lady who gave birth to 8 babies at one time? Her name was Nadya Suleman. Turns out she already had six children and was on public assistance. So why bring her up? Just as an example of why more is not always better. Imagine the attention each child gets in her big family? I am not blaming her, though I do feel sorry for the kids.

What concerns me is huge churches, called mega-churches. The name applies to churches of nine hundred or more. Some have many more. I knew of one of 40,000, but I understand that has been far surpassed. Of course they will say, "We break up into small groups for prayer and study."

Wonder what the hugeness is all about then? I suspect that people are attracted by large numbers. "It must be good if so many people go there."

Doctrine (remember that?) suffers, music, prosperity teaching or so-called tongues entertain many though. Those that I know who went to super churches are not noted for their knowledge or understanding. I guess they are "experience people". Since I am not, I guess I do not understand them or their churches.

Their "take" or income does provide a very good living for their leaders, and may continue to until they lose their tax free status. After that, they may be brought down to the level of the churches Paul attended.

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