Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Snapping Turtle Turns

When I was a kid I saw a motionless turtle in a park. I approached it, stick in hand, to see if it was alive and maybe could make a good pet. Suddenly the turtle whirled and hissed at me. I was shocked at its virulent response.

Recently I have experienced human versions of this response. A man who put his arm around me and referred to me as "brother", completely reversed his stand in response to my criticism (imagine that) of his church. He would no longer talk to me.

I had forgotten for a moment that his was a "loving church" as opposed to a "truth church". I much prefer a "truth church". They let you know, up front, that you had better conform to their beliefs without asking any questions.

It has been said that the ministry of Jesus was received in three ways in as many years. First, people listened to him in curiosity and examined his claims. Second, there was excitement and enthusiastic response. Last of all, a growing rejection ending in treachery.

Personally, I do not trust super lovey dovey churches or individuals. Give me the tough minded hard asses every time. Once you get past their shells, these turtles will not turn on you.

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