Sunday, May 25, 2014

Must Everything Be About Salvation?

Such a thing to ask! Salvation is how we begin our Christian lives. How can anything be more important? But my question is about the many things God has in his Word that are about our actions after we have been born again.

A father, of course, is overjoyed by the birth of his child. But he would not admonish his son that he must so conduct himself that he will be born or would stay born. Birth is a starting point not a goal.

I had lunch once a week with a very genial and earnest young man. He was very well versed in Covenant theology. Being of a different persuasion, I mentioned that many believe every covenant of God is treated as soteriological. My friend did not like this, though he offered no scripture to the contrary.

To many, God keeps offering different ways for us to be saved. You may have heard that "We used to be saved under the law, but now we are saved by grace." The law--and this is not so complicated--saved NO ONE. An animal's blood saved no one. Only the blood of Jesus saves.

So what is the purpose of the law? I would say much. It reveals God's nature and his righteous demands. It was never meant to save, but to instruct and to judge.

By the way, what covenant was Abraham under? Paul tells us that Abraham is the father of all who believe, yet he lived hundreds of years before the law was given. Quickly we see that Abraham was saved by Faith, as are all.

God does and will do many wonderful things, but they are not all about salvation.

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  1. Yet I believe we are charged to, go and spread the good news. Once we reach, then we teach. You want to reach people with the good news of Jesus and teach them to be followers if Him.