Monday, May 26, 2014

My Shell is Broken!

Our family used to raise chickens. My father brought home a box of fertilized eggs and carefully warmed and turned them under a light bulb. As a child I watched and listened as they began to peck their way out of the shells. It must be hunger that drives them to break their shells and emerge, blinking, into the light.

After a brief time drying their yellow, fuzzy bodies, they became animated and began to run about. While I consider kittens the cutest of all baby animals, I vote chicks as the most active and entertaining. I made a pen for them, with a big sheet of plywood for a floor. I put a flat rock in the center so the more dominant could scamper atop and look down upon their fellows. Soon you could hear the patter of their little feet as they ran around.

I placed a bug on the floor and the game was on! One of them picked it up and ran with it, while the others chased him. It was baby chicken super bowl time. I marveled at these brave little guys, but I mourn for my fellow Christians who are afraid to leave their cramped little shells.

I was once such a one. I had a great awe for science. To me it was omnipotent. Though I had become a Christian in high school, I feared that a Christian's faith could not stand against the great "truth seekers", the "only the facts, ma'am" impartial science proponents.

That was long before I learned that the great men of scientific renown in the past were Christians. I'll mention just one, Sir Isaac Newton. That was a time before the Liars took over.

I felt the stories in the Bible were largely myths and dared not be examined. Boy, did I have a long way to go! But slowly I realized that it was science, so-called, that dare not enter the arena against the Bible. For God owned the arena, and he also owned the earth where it resided, and the solar system, galaxy, and universe that contained them.

While people study the Bible to arm for the battle, it is not this study alone which is the remedy in this fight. It is science that we really need to examine. So at least read the ones who have done so. Never be afraid, as I was, to combat worldly lies of any type. In the words of the ineffable George Bush, spoken in an age when gods strode the earth, "Bring 'em on."

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