Thursday, July 17, 2014

Condensed College

Old time Bible teachers said that every major doctrine or event in the Bible had at least one chapter devoted to it. I agree. Instead of the "battle of the verses" to learn and illustrate great truths, we can cite whole chapters.

It nay seem almost heretical to say that you don't need to go to seminary or study for many years to learn about God's Word. You must have seen programs on how to read through the whole Bible in one year. This is considered a great achievement. Now I wouldn't recommend that you ask such a one a deep theological question. I would pit a graduate of the Condensed College against these patient sloggers any day.

The question arises, can you lose your salvation? Whole religions would bite the dust, like the serpent in Eden, if people knew of Romans chapter 8. End of argument. End of such a false religion. A CC graduate would know it, though he might not know of the genealogies of the Old Testament.

I have cited some of my favorite chapters, and you will have yours. This is not an attack on thorough Bible study at all. It is rather about a witnessing tool possibly for one in a false religion or someone with weak faith who is afraid to face death. Many will cite a favorite Psalm. This is a wonderful start.

It is said that you can prove anything from the Bible. This is said by those who can quote a seemingly contradictory verse against well founded doctrines. These people are--in technical terms--dumb asses and sceptics of the Bible altogether. I have yet to hear anyone say "You can prove anything from a chapter of the Bible."

Like a part of a mathematical equation or one portion of a chemical formula, when incomplete, it can be misunderstood. The whole unit, in this case, an entire chapter reveals great truths. I really believe that God has given us such chapters, sometimes containing stories, to teach us "condensed" truths.

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