Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigarette

I told you about a man I knew who was ego-inflated to find that everything in the Bible really meant something else. Once I had a class in a church where I said that the only way to accurately understand the Bible was to take it literally. I heard a gasp as if everyone had just inhaled pepper.

A little man in the front row was wearing a fake-jewel Masonic pin. From his demeanor and trivial manner, I would guess he was Blue Lodge, with only three degrees available. In Europe, where they really take Masonry seriously and study the occult to earn their degrees, this man would have been dismissed as a mere cash cow. Here, you just plunk down the money and buy your degrees. If I had had a tire gauge I could have measured his pressure. I'm sure it was high.

The influence of the "symbolic" school is everywhere, especially as you get higher up the ladder of corruption. I know that the literal people are mocked because some things in the Bible are symbolic, and are plainly revealed as such.

A Fundamentalist was accused of being simple minded because he was so literal. His defense: "When we see Christ represented as "the Lamb that was slain," he said, "we know we are not looking at a dead sheep."

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