Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Harmless Knife

I recommended a book from my dusty old bookshelf to my sister. She later said she had enjoyed it. But she had discovered a very interesting thing. This with an accusitory look that was characteristic of my "Miss Perfection" sister. With her "gotcha" expression she told me she had found two of the pages still uncut, stuck together. I happily declared I had lots of books like that.

While I once collected books like a hunting dog collects burrs, there were some I did not find worth finishing. But not the Word of God! If you find a Bible with pages stuck together, someone has glued them shut. Now who would do a thing like that?

I'll tell you. Some Covenant Theology churches. Not a theory. I know they do it. Any particular pages? Yes, a bunch of them. Any time they find anything that says that Israel will be restored, and that the Kingdom of David will be restored--yes the literal Kingdom of David. Get out the glue pot! Because, for the willingly ignorant masses, Israel is dead.

But for those trouble-makers who read the Bible, Israel is not dead. She will rise from her sleep like Sleeping Beauty, once the church is complete and raptured away.

So what about this "harmless knife" business? Well this is not a deadly blade carried in the teeth of an attacking pirate. Someone--a lot of someones--have glued together the pages of Acts--chapter 15. And the knife to separate these pages is a harmless knife with soft edges. You see Dispensationalists use them all the time.

Beloved Acts 15, written by the Apostle Luke, reveals that Israel will be restored and ruled over by the Kingdom of David. It uses a quotation from Amos to prove this point. This harmless knife divides the Old Covenant from the New Covenant. In doing this it harms no one. It's like the knife you might use to open a birthday present.

I confess, something will be abolished in the process--church agendas that would try to replace Israel. The Rightly Dividing knife is bad for the Corporate Churches. It is bad for their profits.

Do I love Acts chapter 15? Yes, I love this present from Luke! If Acts 15 were a married lady, her husband would bring her coffee in bed every morning.

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