Friday, July 25, 2014

You Are an Overcomer

for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:4

Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. 1 John 5:5

It used to be that when I heard of overcomers, I felt left out. I figured they were a class of super Christians who had won great battles. That would certainly leave me out.

Of course, in those days I was still in the "work hard enough and you might make it" mindset. I caught this in church.

"That's a nasty workaholic mindset you have there. Are you taking anything for it."

"Yes, I am. I take daily doses of the Bible and I feel better already!"

"But John says it is OUR faith that overcomes. So don't we have to struggle to get enough faith?"

Imagine a baseball team that is losing every game. They have crude, home made bats, split and held together with tape. Even when they make contact with a pitch, the ball falls to the ground and they are thrown out at first.

High in the bleachers,a rich man sees their plight. He gives each team member a very special bat, better than they could ever make or buy. They are labeled "Faith Bat Company". Now these players win every game.

A new player says, "You guys are amazing. You never lose with those bats you made."

"We didn't make them. They were gifts. That's why we can't lose."

After the season is over the team goes to the Rich Man's house to thank him. He has another surprise for them, a whole new set of uniforms. Even the bat boy gets one. Written across the uniforms are the words "The overcomers, those who have defeated the world."

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  1. I like the example of Faith. I feel fortunate to have learned that long ago. I too, came from a church that encouraged and stressed, "over doers." Once when I was little and my mother was taken to the hospital for an illness, our "over doer" church congregation came to our house and ruined it. They torn up the carpet runner on the staircase, threw out out of beds and put new ones in and threw away a lot of of family things. My parents did not want this kind of help, but did not stop them. If people could just accept the gift of grace from God, maybe they could have peace. I know I have mine.