Monday, July 28, 2014

Religious Without Discernment - The Israeli Lobby

We've got to support Israel, right? After all, they are God's chosen nation. Case closed, it would seem.

Someone could argue that the UN-created nation called Israel is not the Israel of the Bible. That true Jews live all over the world and we should support them until those elect among them believe in Jesus. This is my stand, and furthermore, the stand of the modern day Torah Jews who do not support Israel.

The Torah Jews believe that the worst place for a Jew to live is in Israel. They believe true Jews should support the nations in which they live, until Messiah comes. Then He will lead them to their promised land.

So, the concept of supporting Israel divides even the Jews.

What about supporting Torah Jews who live in your country? A Torah Jew will not hold up your place of business. He will not break into your home. He will not murder you or show up on your welfare roll. Like Joseph in Egypt, he will help you to prosper and do you no harm.

The slaughter in Palestine by those who claim to be Jews shows the true nature of these beastly people. You will know them by their works.

Israel is acting in defense, some will say. These monsters have had the Palestinians imprisoned, geographically and economically, as they steal their land. So some of the Hamas fight back. No law that Israel has agreed to will restrain them as they kill innocent people.

My best friend sent me a very revealing article entitled "America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel". Now why should this be?

I believe the Godless Zionists have used our religious beliefs against us by distorting our "support for Israel" into supporting them. Our government gives Israel billions, sells them high tech weapons, and looks the other way as they bully the innocent. If you go to one of these "support Israel" churches, then you have been grievously deceived and share in their guilt.

I support the Torah Jews, and, yes, I have read Genesis 12.

Please see the following articles and video.

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