Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If I Had the Wings of an Angel

"If I Had the Wings of an Angel
O'er these prison walls I would fly."

A friend told me of seeing an old beggar sitting on the sidewalk and singing this song. He had apparently been placed on the walkway so he could beg. My friend, an unbeliever and worldly man, choked up as he told me this.

I am so thrilled and comforted too, of what the Bible says about flying. Someone should write a story entitled, "You Won't Need To be an Angel to Fly." Until that glorious day, we are all in a prison of this world, and like the beggar, can only sing of flying.

I looked up "The Prisoner's Song." Johnny Cash tells us it was the first country record to sell a million copies.He and others have very slick and professional recordings of it, but I prefer the home video linked below. I think of the beggar when I hear it.

Listen to The Prisoner's Song (If I Had the Wings of an Angel).

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