Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Close Your Mind, Then Open Your Bible

This is purely hypothetical, but please imagine someone having a whole head full of ideas, gathered from society, family, their fleshly nature, and even from often repeated cartoons. This person would have a mind filled like a vacuum cleaner bag, full of stuff that should be discarded. They would believe in the evolution of life over millions of years, on an earth billions of years old. Imagine that.

This would make it impossible for them to believe in the Bible's creation, certainly a six day one. They could be well read on the first point of view, but sadly lacking in an alternative explanation. I could name some very scientific authors who would support the Bible--some Jewish, some Gentile, both Christian and atheist.

But our hypothetical person would absorb an anti-Bible point of view on all things. Their minds would close like a clam on a morsel. There would be a red light over their brain that said "FULL".

Now, imagine that person becoming interested in the Bible, even being born again. Poor soul, they might want to become informed on the Bible, believe in it, but their brain is filled up with the junk I spoke of. If they were really blessed, they might discover some of the wonderful authors I mentioned who would help empty the junk out of their minds to make room for the truth.

Let's just say this would take place over many years. They would have the advantage of knowing Satanic lies and their fatal weaknesses. If this theoretical person had been steeped in science, nothing from a secular, scientific point of view would surprise them. They would know the strategies of a Godless point of view.

But this is, as I said, all hypothetical. I only know one such person, though I am certain there must be others. Who is this person? It is me.

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