Friday, February 20, 2015

To Join a Corporate Church

Some corporate churches are nice, and a lot of nice people go there. Perhaps the nicest person there will be the nice preacher and his nice wife. Some churches have two such preachers and several services to handle the congregations that crowd them.

There is a severe penalty for joining them though. This can come in two flavors. Some of the nicest insist that you become baptized again--even though you already have been--to be able to join. These were originally called Anabaptists, later shortened to Baptist.

They also really want you to accept some ideas that they have received from Egypt and Babylon, via the Roman Catholic church. They claim to despise this church, but stoutly defend the devilish doctrines that they share with them.

They may also insist that you restrict your Bible reading and study to the King James translation, which they believe is totally infallible.

Among their restrictions are that you abstain from alcohol, insisting that Jesus made grape juice in His first miracle, and that it "did not have time to ferment" and become wine.

I could go on, but don't you hope I don't? I call these "Check your brain at the door churches" and avoid them.

To escape these self righteous, know it all churches, you may choose a "We don't care what you believe" model. A lady told me a preacher of her denomination does not believe that Jesus was a real human being, but merely a made up ideal.

Some of the "loosey goosey" models do have restrictions. For instance, they prefer their women preachers not be homosexual, but straight.

To me, and most of my friends who do not attend churches, we find that none of them can withstand a Biblical test. I would like any church to engage in a discussion over their beliefs and practices. But to me they are cultists, following their leaders rather than the Biblical church epistles.

Discussion is closed. Not being able to engage in discussion is a good reason to commune with Christ alone. This is the perfect church that they insist you can never find.

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