Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Sound of Truck Tires on a Rainy Night

you are alone at night in a motel room. You have awakened to the sound of truck tires on the nearby highway. It has begun to rain, and the speeding trucks make frying sounds on the wet pavement. Soon it will be dawn, and life will be stirring. The attached diner will be open and you can eat alone there before you resume your lonely trip.

You have returned from a foolish journey to your home town. Your people are long gone, and the visit has only left you feeling more isolated. Nothing is left but memories. You have the melancholy realization that no one cares or even knows about you.

So turn on the light, open the drawer in the night stand. There is the usual Bible. You could read it, but where to begin? It all seems so dry and long ago. You need something now, something very personal.

You think of Jacob, alone in the wilderness. He must have felt like you do now. But he was a man of destiny with a great future ahead of him. He saw a ladder reaching to heaven. Where is your ladder? If only you could hear the voice of someone who cared.

Then, not a voice, but an infinite Awareness speaks inside your head. "Let's talk."

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