Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Olivet Prophecy is Not About the Church

I have been watching a bunch of videos filled with shocking calamities, and in each one the Olivet Prophecy--Matthew 24--is invoked as proof that we are in, or near the end days. This is very dramatic, but very wrong.

When we read this great prophecy, we see the Messiah, seated overlooking Jerusalem, and answering questions from His Jewish disciples about the restoration of the Kingdom of David. How Jewish can you get? This is a powerful, comprehensive prophecy, but it's not about the Church or these present days.

Jesus warns about not being deceived, but people are deceived all the time.

But what about the signs? Terrible, and growing more terrible. But of them, Jesus says that the "end is not yet", even about the events yet to come.

You feel like shouting, "Everything in the Bible is not about the church!" So many are church centered to the point that they misapply almost all of the Bible to the church, including the identity of the twelve tribes.

Much of this comes from the belief that the church has replaced Israel, and thus "inherited" scriptures applying to her. We have our own scriptures, beginning with the book of Acts.

While all of the Bible is for us, much of it is not about us.

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