Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Bite of the Pit Bull

And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. Genesis 32:26

The Pit Bull is famous for its strong bite. But I am aware that there are dogs with more powerful bites. The larger the dog the stronger the bite, and Pit Bulls are not the largest of dogs.

So why am I writing about the Pit Bull's bite? Because they hang on, like for 15 minutes, wagging their tails for the enjoyment of the contest.

A lot of us are not big either. We may not be overwhelming in our persons or presence. A very good example would be anyone who would continue to read this blog. They must be patient and tough-minded.

It has been my lot to argue with some big shots. Even without a tire gauge you could tell they were high pressure people. I should have been proud to debate with them, even to be so honored as to be despised by them.

To keep up the illusion that most people wish to live in, it is necessary not to look behind the curtain. I mean it's not a pretty sight. Business managers are not hired to lead churches because they have deep knowledge of the Bible. With sufficient understanding they would not hire out as business managers at all.

So when they bite, remember the Pit Bull. He endures while the big guys drop away. Understanding and reward come to the one, who like Jacob, will not let go.

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