Sunday, February 8, 2015

Why They Drink Coffee in Church

I understand this is standard practice now. The last two times I went to church--two churches--I was offered coffee right off. One man, being friendly, offered to bring me a cookie.

In some evening services you can attend in flip flops and shorts. In one of the churches a couple turned to me and said, "That's our son playing the drum." Nothing like a hymn accompanied by a conga drum to juice things up.

Well, not a hymn, but some kind of meandering music, maybe sung to the Holy Spirit. I swear it is the same style of music played in big box stores to "help" you shop.

Maybe we could just have a tailgate party? See you in the parking lot.

Yet, even being an old guy, I guess I could adjust to all of this, if there was something of substance coming from the pulpit. Poor preachers, some of them may want to give out the truth. But, for many reasons, they can't lose their audiences. Entertainment is safe. It helps pay the bills.

A loan of $500,000 (for capital improvements) in one church is proving to be hard to repay. Some people have left it, saying it was being run like a business. Not really. Businesses pay taxes. So, to keep up membership they must avoid sound doctrine. Dumb people are happy people.

But what about the coffee? I smack my forehead. Why didn't I get this before? The coffee is to try to keep you awake! You know how boring business meetings can be.

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