Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going to Heaven

We all are singing "Nearer My God to Thee: but we keep on takin' vitamin B.
Nipsy Russell

If there was a contest for who wants to go to heaven the most, I figure I'd be at least in the top ten, maybe win the prize. It has been my experience that life gets "used up". Not bad, but you want more. You want the sorrow removed, forever. Sorrows build up like logs at a dam. They need to be taken away.

When I was a child, about eight, my little cousin died. I was told she was in heaven. So I wanted to go there too. Death was a small price to pay. I became heavenly minded. I wondered if angel food cake was really eaten by angels? Sounds spacey I know, but it is how I thought.

Now, I feel the same way. I have heard more about heaven. There is not a lot written about it. But maybe we should learn it? What if a child was taught about what we do know? Before they are told, "Be sure to be home at suppertime," they should learn where their real home is?

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  1. Gerald, For many years I didn't think much about Heaven. I had sufficient faith to believe that God had that well in hand and didn't need my input or my consideration on this. When my youngest son died suddenly at 12, I was consumed with the idea that he had been sent to a place I had not been. You can't send your child to a place you have not checked out first. I read everything I could lay my hands on about Heaven, and I agree that more thought, more discussion and more writing about it should take place. From the patients who went and returned following a code, they all tell a similar story. A beautiful natural place, with people they love who have passed, with pets they loved from their time on Earth and with Jesus waiting for them. They are apparently told they must return to Earth and come back another time. Now, I am back to where I was before. I let our Lord God manage that. I just have faith that He will call when He knows I must go, and that those I love will be waiting.