Friday, December 28, 2012

The Lady With Orange Hair

When I was starting to read, I had trouble. Lack of confidence I suppose. At school someone was always quicker than me. I had the only teacher who ever ridiculed me. I was a shy kid and it cut me down.

But we had a little lady who taught Sunday School who was just the opposite. She gave off patient love. I was never wrong, just someone who needed help. I began to say words correctly. She played the piano and taught us to sing "Jesus Loves Me". When we sang "We are weak, but He is strong," it reached me.

My memories of her still are there, even though I was only six years old. She was quiet and loving to all the children and she helped me so much. She had red hair, which to my young eyes was orange. I had never seen a red head before. To me she was a red haired angel. All she needed was a halo.

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