Monday, December 31, 2012

Talk About Guns With a Nice Liberal Lady

"I wouldn't have a Gun in My House," She Said.

Lots of people say that. It's okay. But this lady was so reasonable and so easy to talk to, I thought I would try. She had a toddler. I guess that's what you call a little child that age. "What would you do to protect your child ?" I asked.

"Anything!" was her reply.

"Would you own a gun?" Guess I had her there.

"But I'm afraid I'd kill someone."

Seems that peaceable people often speak of killing. A study on types of people found that there is hidden anger in anti-gun people. They associate guns with killing. They certainly can kill people, but so can your car.

It's such an emotional issue with some people. It's hard to talk to them. In fact, I believe emotion rules for them. They get red-faced just discussing the subject.

I have never met a gun nut. That's supposed to be what gun people are. I have met enthusiasts though, and people who find guns useful. To them a gun is just a tool. Ever try to drive a nail with anything besides a hammer?

I protested that "I didn't say a loaded gun, just a gun. Point an unloaded gun and who will bet it isn't loaded? If you do decide to have a loaded gun you don't have to fire it, just have it. Or if you fire it a few times, maybe into the floor, that should get some one's attention. Protect your child and yourself to. It's just an option."

...and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. Luke 22:36

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  1. Great points. Most of us would do anything to protect our child, and sadly in the world we have, we might need to.