Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Riding in the Moonlight

I used to ride my motorcycle a lot at night. I knew the roads very well, and at night went slowly. One bright moonlight night I turned off my headlight. Immeadiately I saw the moonlit road far ahead, even though my closeup image was reduced. One night I hit a goat's chain stretched across the road. The chain wound around the front tire and bit in. I was thrown off when the front wheel jammed. The goat was an unharmed spectator.

How much my life has been like that. I miss a lot that is going on. I will do nothing special as I spend New Years Eve alone. My life is uneventful. But I try to see as far ahead as possible. Like the view of the moon lit road, I see better a long ways ahead, past my life for sure. What I see ahead is troubling. But beyond that time I wait for the wonderful things we are promised that lie ahead for us all. Until those times I expect to hit a few chains.

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