Monday, January 28, 2013

The Jewel of the Bible - Romans Chapter Eight

It begins with "no condemnation and ends with "no separation". Many believers have discovered this precious truth and expressed it in these terms. There is only comfort here, and reassurance.

Once I prayed at the opening of a class for God's blessing on this group of saints. Later, an old man said he was afraid he was not a saint. I tried to tell him that all who believe in Jesus are saints.

Maybe his confusion came from the two definitions of the word "saint". To millions, it means an exceptional person of heroic virtue and to whom miracles are attested. To others, it is a person that Jesus has saved through faith in Him and His shed blood. Jesus gets ALL the credit.

Now I would like to reveal two things about myself that eliminate me from the first definition: I feel angry, about two failures.

I see that people, children often, are neglected and ignored. I was in a church when a little boy ran down a hall crying out, "Nobody listens to me!" That is a sad example of what I mean.

Also, churches do not inform people of how blessed they are. They have careless, sloppy theology, and even that is often not shared.

Yes, Romans chapter eight is the jewel of the Bible. Let's tell people about it, and pay attention to their response. Maybe they don't believe it applies to them. Help them to understand that it does. The truth of the Bible is more precious than any jewel.

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