Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sedum People

I admire how God, as an author, pays so much attention to His minor characters.
C.S. Lewis

I just ordered some sedums, Rupestro, and Golden Ogon. Can't wait till they arrive. Some of the sedums are overlooked, kind of like some people. I didn't order the real small ones, that grow maybe 10 inches per year, sideways. Sounds like my progress.

We had a tall Hackberry in our yard. It was the tallest tree in my village. Far away, I could see it above the other trees. I was so proud of it. My father raised tall dahlias, above his head. They were beautiful. He loved big sunflowers too.

He would smile at my mother's plantings. She would make the soil very fine, then sprinkle tiny seeds on top of the soil. She would press on them lightly with her delicate hands. "They'll come up like the hair on a dog's back." She was right.

I like big flowers too, like tall cannas. But sometimes I want to enter the world of little plants. I admire people who make tiny gardens, sometimes in a bottle or even a clear light bulb.

I feel sorry for little plants. They get overlooked, sometimes trampled on--again like a lot of people. But they have a way of staying alive, even thriving in spite of the abuse. Many of them survive heat and drought, even thrive on it. Their little leaves store water for the tough times.

It would be nice to imitate these little plants. I have the smallness part conquered.

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