Friday, January 25, 2013

Jumping Over a Fence That Was Not There

My father lived in a house with a screened in porch. Except one end was not screened. It had a wire fence where vines grew. Each morning the two family dogs were let out onto the porch. Later he would come out and unlatch the door and do his chores.The dogs were eager to get out and run around. They learned to jump over the little wire fence with the vines.

Eventually the little fence rusted and was taken down. The next morning the dogs were let out and proceeded to jump over the fence that was no longer there. Eventually they learned they didn't need to jump. The fence was gone.

Many of us live as if we still had to jump over a fence that is not there. We were brought up to obey laws that have no bearing on us. Is it too much to say that these people are in bondage?

My mother-in-law tried to keep the law of Moses. A fanatic told her she must, or lose her salvation. The covenant my mother-in-law tried to keep ended two thousand years ago and was made for Israel.

Jesus fulfilled the law and set us free. People of every nation are under this new covenant, free from its restrictions and practices. Animals do not have to be sacrificed because Jesus was. How I wish we all could live under the freedom we have, in clothing, and food, and special days.

The fence is gone.

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