Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Long House

That is what these imaginary people called their crude meeting hut. They had seen their nation divided, ripped apart by dissention. Jobs were gone. It was necessary to flee, to live as the Indians did long ago. Diversions were gone too. No television, even radio was gone. There were no sports, a real tragedy for many.

First, huts were built, very pitiful really. Some were almost as bad as the home of John the Baptist. Their diet was limited in the same way. The only feasting for them now was on the books that remained.How desperate they were. They caught fish and crawdads, and some grew food.

The old ways were gone, only to be replaced by the even older ways. Men felt a need for a meeting place. Many did not know that people, long ago, did the very same thing. All survivors could meet in the big hut that was built. Bent poles were covered with leaves, and bundles of grass, a crude thatching. Previously solitary souls would find their way to the long house,listening to the conversations, and even joining in.

Bibles had been salvaged in The Great Ruin, and those who had never read them, now began to. Commentaries were not salvaged, but some Bibles had wonderful ones in them. Real study slowly developed. They found their ancient counterparts in Hebrews chapter eleven. Now they did not feel so alone. Others had lived just as they were now living. There was time to read now. God had left them with very little but His Word.

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  1. Maybe this is what is coming, and sadly, maybe this is what it would take for many to read His Word.