Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Have a Wonderful Preacher!

Oh, do you? Is he entertaining, with lots of funny stories to tell? Does he pound the pulpit in his desire to emphasize how horrible hell is? Does he stand tall and have silvery hair? So elegant!

I have heard all these descriptions. But I am not impressed until I know more. I want to know if your wonderful preacher is a way for you to get in your obligation or duty to be "religious"one time a week, maybe on Wednesday evening too?

You see, I really don't care about your preacher until I know about you. In short, what has he really done for you? Not even if he has helped unclog your overflowing drain or fix your car.

I want to know, has he equipped you to face death? Has he shown you a sure path to salvation, not by being so good that you deserve it on your wonderful goodness, but by the mercy of Christ? Has your preacher shown you his love of the Bible so well that you want to love it too?

Has he taught you the simple ways to know the basic truths of the Word, or does he hand out little tidbits each week, to string you along, until its time to watch football? Do people even remember what he said last week" (But it was so good.) Or are his inspirational messages soon forgotten? Does he string you along with little crumbs just to keep his job?

I have known both kinds of preachers. I have known men whose messages sank in so deeply I will never forget them. I have known preachers who tried to equip you so well that they almost make themselves unnecessary. So you may wake in the middle of the night and thank God for them, because you can make it on your own.

Preachers, open up the word. Don't show us how clever you are, or how many books you have read. Point us to Christ through His Word, simply. So people will not say, "We have a wonderful preacher," but "We have a wonderful Savior."

I don't care about your wonderful preacher. I want to know what he has made of you.

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