Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We're Free!

To experienced Bible readers, I'm getting in late. You know this already. In case anyone has been the victim of those who teach otherwise, I am writing this. Even in case your own thoughts condemn you. Now I know that freedom can be misused. Again I don't need to say what Paul has said so well. But in case any Christian feels captive to those who would condemn them, I dedicate this piece.

As I was attempting rehab from my stroke, I heard constant admonishments, most of them quite valid. But for hours each day, I heard what I was doing wrong. I even lay in bed wrong! "Straighten up." Finally a young therapist saw my attempt to stand up straight as I struggled with a walker. "Thank you!"she said with very welcome enthusiasm. I kissed her hand when we parted. She even thanked me then.

Just as I celebrated my freedom from the therapy that caged my personality and body, I celebrate the freedom in Christ which we all have been granted. Let me say it once more, we are free, made so by Jesus. Even Paul's warning not to misuse our freedom proves we have it. If a man's wife tells him not to run over her flowerbeds with his new lawnmower it shows he has a lawnmower.

Many would tell us we are teetering on the edge of hell if we violate one of their rules. If their noses were as long as their lists of "no's" they would look like Pinoccio after he told a lie.

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  1. Yes, and how apt a comparison. Everything we experience, both good and bad is a lesson from our Lord, because He truly cares how much we understand about our journey to Earth.