Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Teacher Is Not a Dictator

Those who are illiterate must dictate.
- A motto someone gave me

It should be obvious that for someone to dictate to you is wrong. It would make them a despot or a pharisee.

I was touring the home of Gene Stratton Porter in Rome City, Indiana, with my sister and brother in law. Our guide took us to a big fireplace made with stones from around the world, sent to the author by her many fans. "One of them looks just like a dog's head," said the guide. "Can you find it?"

While I was searching, my sister found it and pointed it out. "There it is," she said. It looked like a German Shepherd.

To me, that is what a teacher should do--point things out. A teacher should reveal things to people that they understand, not try to talk down to them. A servant should not be so haughty. If those studying do not see something, the teacher has failed.

My sister did not send the stone, she revealed it. The dog stone had been there all along . It had been there long before we visited, but my sister is the one who revealed it.

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