Friday, January 18, 2013

I Was Held Back

I don't mean in school, I mean held back by a force I did not understand. Long ago I was handsome. I thought I was a Romeo. I had a Juliette. We were making hot love. It is appropriate , since it was just after fire had been invented. She asked me to have sex with her. It should have been me that asked her. But I did not hesitate. Another me spoke, "That's for my wife." I saw her sink. She could not argue. It cooled her off. Me too.

I knew a young man whose car was hit with a firecracker. The muffler was torn open. He chased the evil doer and caught him. He drew his fist back to hit the young man. He was so angry. He told me that something held his arm back. He did not strike a blow. He let the firecracker thrower go. He told me he did not understand this force, but since he had become a Christian, he felt it was the Holy Spirit.

In our early years I believe God's Spirit is at work. We are not good, but He is. Augustine tells about the influence of the Spirit in his early life. God is so patient. The potter is working with the clay to make something of the lump it once was.

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