Friday, January 11, 2013

He Didn't Have a Chance

He was 29 going on 30. His hair was thinning. He worked as a second shift security guard for very little pay. No hope for the future. Everyone knew it. A young man in an old man's pre-retirement job. He couldn't make it with the chicks. He asked a young woman who worked there to go out with him. She turned him down.

He and his brother had a real estate scheme. They were really "leveraged out" he told me. But if the boom continued he would make it big. It never did. He was sure the big one was coming. It was right around the corner. Something would rescue him from his lowly estate.

He began to have doubts. He was reluctant to say so, but things looked grim. His old car made smoke. He lifted the trunk lid to find a remedy. There were a selection of remedies--Stop Leak, for his leaky radiator, and oil additives of all kinds.

He liked to drive fast. The police nailed him. He had no car insurance. He could barely pay the traffic fine. The car insurance was too much for him, but he had to have it.

He dreamed of a fancy car, but his old one had to last. He really had no plans for the future. Instead he hoped for the big break that never came.

And yet, he has a wonderful future, greater than he or anyone can see now. The big one is coming. I found out about his faith. He had believed that study of any kind was evil. Using your brain was relying on the flesh, he told me. I convinced him otherwise. We prayed together. His faith was very plain to see.

His big break is coming. But from a source we do not always talk about. He won't need a car some day as he flies to his window as a dove.

Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows? Isaiah 60:8

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