Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who Do You Work For?

I have never been a member of a church, or attended one, where this question was not asked. Women may ask, "Where do you live?" But the men care about employment. They draw themselves up like roosters and hit me with the big one. It is the one they care about--your employer.

Maybe I could bear it better if they would follow with the big one for me, "What is your spiritual gift?" Never been asked that one. Every Christian has one, some think perhaps more than one. I am not a preacher, though I have done it. I am a Bible teacher.

I hope that people learn to love the Bible if they do not already. Some are afraid. It's too deep, they think. Leave it to the professionals.

Some think the Bible is just a bunch of superstitions or myths. Test it then. Find out.

There is a proverb that says, "The Bible is an anvil that has outworn many hammers." It won't break if you test it. Many people have. When they test it, and question it, starting with the most skeptical minds, the Bible is still there. People die, but the Word remains.

A therapist at my hospital had me read a page with numbers on it. I did pretty good. Put one in the wrong line though. "You enjoy reading don't you?" she asked me. Yes I do, especially the Bible.

Who do I work for?? Jesus. I hope I have pleased Him.

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