Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Library Cat

I was looking through the recordings of a vast library. I overheard two little boys frantically pulling out recordings from a shelf of records. They kept saying "Daboosy, Daboosy" as they looked. I thought I would see if I could help and asked them what they were looking for. They wanted to hear the music background of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," starring Mickey Mouse from the Disney movie "Fantasia." I told them it was by Dukas and found it for them.

They asked for ear phones at the desk and were turned down. I saw their disappointment. I asked for three sets of phones and we listened to the music together. It took me back to when I saw "Fantasia." I was about six years old. My sister took me. I had been put into another world as I watched. I was so spaced out I hardly knew where I was on the bus ride back home.

Now it came back to me as we listened. The boys had heard what they came for and said they had to go. Outside I saw them emerge from the big door. "How did he know what we wanted?" asked the younger boy. They thought I worked for the library. "He a library cat," the older one explained. "He know all that stuff, he one of them library cats."

My love went out to them. What an upbringing they must have! I was amazed that of all the music they could have looked for, it was Paul Dukas. For one happy moment, I was their library cat.

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  1. And of course, we never know how far that favor, and that love will stretch throughout their lives. I still remember such favors done for me, and when I can, I replicate them.
    Good job, you Library Cat, you !