Saturday, December 8, 2012

You're a What?

I am a supralapsarian Calvinist. Yep, that's me. Some people hate them. Their message is, that God knew, before the world was made, you would be born and sin. But he planned to save you.

It is so distasteful to many.

I had a good Baptist lower his face to mine and say, "Franz, I'm not even sure you're born again!" It hurts sometimes to hear the Bible. I mean it hurt the flesh. I had been there, I understood. It helps a lot to read Ephesians. It straightened me out, and I was bent pretty bad.

I happened to admire this Baptist. I decided to wait, not "preach."

A preacher explained it this way. The cross is not an ambulance arriving at the scene of an accident.

God is never surprised.

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  1. It must be nice for people to be so sure of everything that they can correct YOU ! I know only that the Lord God created us, cares for us, sent us here to learn many things, and that there will be an accounting of everything we did and thought here when we get Home. He knew he was sending us into the maestrom when He sent us, and he knew that we would have difficulties with so many things here. I know enough to trust that our Lord has it all in hand.