Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Death Versus Eternal Life

I have been reading a report on the co-opting of governments which were created to protect people. It is a very well done piece, but late in coming. It does add to the knowledge and availability of studies showing how we are being poisoned.

I am a basic type thinker. I get lost in a lot of details. So pardon me if I just bundle Big Oil, Big Agro Business, Big Pharma, et. al. under one heading, Big Death.

Many are fighting these public enemies and urging others to do so. I now propose a wild scenario, one incapable of ever coming true.

Let us say that as a result of these protests that we are no longer being poisoned and irradiated. Let us further return the Earth to a pure living environment. I'll randomly choose a date that this condition would resemble. Let us say 1,000 B.C. I have no idea how this could be accomplished, but I will pretend that it has occurred. Would I then be satisfied?

Not at all. I am certain that Earth and nature would be a joyous thing to behold, yet I would not be satisfied. Why not? Because even with these devilish conditions rectified we would still die. Death would remain unconquered.

Aren't scientists making progress in extending life? I see more evidence that scientists, bought off by the Big Death consortium, are working on ways to kill people. The ultimate result to be depopulation of the Earth.

If these seekers of death by poison fail, we still will die. Death is, ultimately, not a natural condition, however long it has been with us. It is the result of a curse on mankind. But the One with whom the condition originated has given the remedy to this most hated curse.

I see no escaping not only death, but premature death. Yet I smile every day. I am a happy man, though sometimes impatient. I wait for my Redeemer. People laugh and say that such as I are foolish dreamers. I say to them, that those who have hope in this world are the dreamers.

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  1. lovely, reminds us as Christians that this world and all its faults, is but a blink of the eye to the One who holds it all in His hands!