Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World's Biggest Yacht

I've been reading about Azzam, a 590 foot yacht, just launched for trials. Such luxury, such decadence! Guess I should be horrified by such an expenditure. I can hear people say, "Think of all the little people that could have been helped with the money that boat cost."

I look at it that way too, but I think of all the people it has helped.

Imagine all the electricians and welders that had jobs working on it. And plumbers! A plumber comes home and his wife says, "Hard day, Dear?" The plumber asks her, "Do you have any idea how many toilets that yacht has?"

Yes, and sinks and bath tubs too, or Jacuzzis. The main salon is 95 feet by 60 feet with no pillars. At 94,000 horsepower it is fast.

Sounds wonderful I know, but I still think the greatest yacht of all was owned by Onassis. Not because of its gold faucets, but because he often guested the great singer Maria Callas. Imagine the lucky people in an adjoining stateroom, listening to her sing in the shower!

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