Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poison Island

Way back in the days of black and white tv, when some truth was still being told, I saw a military man interviewed. I believe he was not strictly military but an ornithologist hired by them. Makes you wonder if there are any kind of experts who have not been hired by government for their sinister purposes?

He told about a tiny isolated Pacific island that had deliberately been infected with germs. These germs were to be spread by vectors to infect the wheat of Russia. How horrible, to destroy peoples' food with a kind of grain rust.

But who were the vectors? Turns out the island was a stopping off point for nesting birds who would then fly to Russia and spread the poison. As much as I like birds, I am not telling this story just to show how they have been misused to serve such an evil purpose .

There is another island, not surrounded by water, but in the heart of the classic geopolitical "world Island". In the center of this volatile region is a tiny country called Israel. They are the poison island and the birds are their minions world-wide.

I now will give my standard disclaimer. Am I anti-Jewish? No, no, no, no, no!

The true Torah Jews have an eternal promise from God. But the tiny portion of David's mandated land that we now call Israel is the exporter of war and grief. They are fond of showing maps of how they are surrounded by hostile nations, subject to attack at any moment.

Those who Jesus warned us about twice in the Book of Revelation, "who say they are Jews, but are not"--run the banks, foment wars and are destroying our culture--are only a numeric minority. Their influence is immense almost beyond belief. Does anyone think the Rothchildes are Lutherans?

And yet, I am not writing this to attack even these pretenders. It is only to say, they are the destroyers of hope in this world. Do we have such hope?

They have already won. They have planted tares among the wheat. Only when Jesus returns will justice be done. Until then we are told to "Let both grow together until the harvest:" (Matthew 13:30).

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