Sunday, September 22, 2013

Face Down on the Sidewalk

"I'm going to get a Dixie cup," my friend proclaimed. As a little boy I didn't know what a Dixie Cup was but it sounded good.

Soon we were in line at a local store waiting to buy our treats. Ahead of us was a young man wearing a neat salt and pepper suit. As my friend looked at him, an evil look came over his face.

He said to the young man, "Step outside and I'll mess up that suit for you." The lad lead the way and in a few seconds my friend was face down on the sidewalk, defeated and disgraced.

Now the US has an evil look. We are supposed to hate and fear Iran. Why should we? Besides our causing a revolt, deposing their elected president, installing the brutal Shah and stealing their oil in the fifties, we have had little to do with this nation. They certainly have never harmed us in any way.

So why are we propagandized to fear them? Iranians are not Arabs--in case we presently hate Arabs, in our Hatred of the Month Club. They are Persians, with their own language, culture, and nationality.

Who could be working to stir up war with them? Certainly not Switzerland, Holland or Iceland. It couldn't be Fake Israel could it? They continually say that Iran may soon develop THE BOMB. but it's O.K. if Israel has a store of them.

Perhaps somebody wants to start another World War. If they have, they may have underestimated their potential foe. About the size of Texas, with hard to defeat and destroy mountainous regions, Persia may resist or even prevail over their attackers.

Why don't we skip the fight and just enjoy a Dixie Cup?


  1. Gerald, You have a great point. I have a few Iranian friends who live in another city in Virginia. One is a college prof in linguistics and others are physicians. They are ordinary people who are very worried about their families stuck there. They too though Ahmadinejad was a nut job.
    I might not have a problem with Obama going to arm wrestle their leader, but in war lots of innocent people die due to collateral damage. I think the dixie cup sounds like a much better idea.

  2. Bigger is rarely better. Chipping away with the end result in mind is better than catastrophic actions.

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