Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Roundup Ready

Not herbicide resistant plants this time, but non-herding-resistant people. What if people were divided into these two categories: those who believe what they are told, and those most unruly people of all, the dreaded skeptics?

Maybe a third category--those who take no stand whatsoever. This third group just tries to escape into entertainment.

Viewed from this point of view, I believe America has some wonderful escape material. Maybe the best. We have a long history of escapism, from the separation from Great Britain, to the western expansion by covered wagons.

I am not a very sophisticated computer guy. I do not know how to change my startup page. It came with the computer. So I am greeted with a lot of info on "costume malfunctions" of the stars. I want to help these people, I really do. But all I can think of is a pack of safety pins. Maybe they will help.

I notice that only glamor type people have these malfunctions. All I know is that they must be important, because they are on TV.

Soon, I fear that even these emergencies will be things of the past. This will coincide with the Death of Escapism. I hope I can be gone when this happens. I hear it could be ugly. I mean, people facing reality!

Some have hope that there will be TV in the relocation camps. Maybe so. But who wants to watch endless videos on Loving Big Brother?

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