Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Coming Famine


And the famine was sore in the land. Genesis 43:1

Famine became a tragic issue as early as this, in the book of Genesis. So why am I talking about it now? Well, there is a new kind of famine, and it is well underway. It is the lack of pure food, non-poisoned and non-radioactive food.

The traditional lack of food is here also and yet to become worse. But it is the degradation of food which is my immediate concern. I do not believe there is, or will be, a total solution for us. We can eat lower down on the food chain, where this is possible it would help, but only as a delaying action, not as a way to solve the problem.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes stories will see the solution to the problem of where to lay the blame for our plight. When you have eliminated the impossible causes, what is left, however implausible, is the answer. Unlike ancient famines, caused by drought, or insect depredation, the cause of our present shortage of food and pure food, is not of nature, but of men.

How ridiculous! Surely, there are no men of such evil intent as to pollute the food chain deliberately.

However you may feel about Alex Jones, he has one great virtue. He only uses publicly-available sources for his presentations. He will not use rumors or deep throat information. The vital fact involved here is that anyone can prove for themselves that famine and disease caused by chemical-laden food, water and air are with us now.

I checked out Amazon online sales in search of a radiation meter out of curiosity. I found one I favored. But unlike the usual sources, it was "made in Russia". This is one I would trust.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? This denegrating term does not describe either myself or my sources. The Bible, and the finest peer-reviewed scientific literature tell us what we are now undergoing and how it will end. The lights are being turned off, not with a toggle, but a dimmer switch.

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  1. I am afraid I agree with you, Gerald. The deterioration of so many places on Earth seems to be occurring rather quickly. Famine is a part of that.