Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fenced-in Evidence

Don't you become weary of great Bible truths being treated as legends told by the ignorant and credulous? Documentaries speak of such great people and events in God's book as hearsay or legends. This morning I watched a video which puts them all to shame.

I thought the marvelous discovery of Noah's ark in Turkey would be the one great event in my (shortening) life. But two men, and then a family of four, have found the Mount of Moses, altars that he and Aaron built, the split rock, which, when struck, gushed with water. These, and much more evidence, have been visited and touched by some really thorough searchers.

I promise not to go on, though I could. Rather, I invite you to watch videoed evidence by these bold searchers.

Watch The REAL Biblical Mt.Sinai FOUND. Secrets can't be kept forever.

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