Saturday, December 28, 2013

Go Ahead, Eat Your Food - Of Course, It's Poison

Imagine that you're staying at a motel and on your way to the pop machine when you see the beginning of a fire. You begin to knock on doors, shouting, "Fire!" An irritated occupant opens the door and says, "Can't you find something positive to say?"

This is the reaction to those who warn about our Genetically Modified food . Actually, any reaction would be welcome. Such "claims" are usually answered with shocked silence, or with family members, a change of subject.

I'll name the company behind the effort to leave no food plant unchanged: Monsanto. The changes are justified by promises of increased yields, and a resistance to company sold poisons known as herbicides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Growing such GMO plants has been resisted on a local level by individuals in the USA, and by whole nations in Europe and Asia. This kills the export market for many farmers, which is a huge portion of their income. I believe the USA is the largest exporter of death on earth. Our multinational corporations lead the way. Depopulation here is well under way.

But the motel guests resent anyone who disturbs their rest. Soon they will slam the door and go back to sleep.

View Genetically Modified Foods in America Health Documentary.

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