Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Things I'd Like to Leave Behind

I could have said "bequeath", but that sounds too much like a will. These two ideas are more of a way of telling you what I love.

First would be for folks to stand up and affirm their right (and ability") to learn the Bible on their own. Like home schooling, you're allowed to call in experts, but you should make these decisions, not a denomination or pressure of any kind.

This is so wonderful an experience and requires such minimal equipment that almost anyone can do it. A study Bible and a concordance will carry you light years ahead. How fascinating to find the agreements of ancients with people of modern times when both ground their beliefs on the Bible. This is so simple, yet so profound, you might think more would try it. Soon you will see why there are so many denominations, and often, so much haggling.

My second item is for people to grow some of God's great staple foods. Soon, if not now, it may be the only pure food around, and so much fun to do.

Now that Lou Kheemia has visited me (he has promised to never leave me until I die), I hope you believe I am sincere about these things.

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