Friday, December 27, 2013

You'll Never Find a Perfect Glass of Iced Tea

A lady I know goes to a church that she says has glaring faults. Since she is a musician, she is jarred by the music, especially that played during prayer time.

A set of big band drums is getting to be a standard fixture in many churches. This is said to be "to help bring in the young people". I suggest we appeal to young and old with Gospel preaching. Rather than our ever present animal natures we might appeal to the Holy Spirit within the elect.

I'm not against music, just mixing a night club atmosphere or "Home Depot Muzak" sound with our worship time. Aren't I an old crab though!

The lady I first spoke of, when confronted with my criticisms of the modern corporate church, would say, "You'll never find a perfect church." Guess that settles it.

But she is quick to return a glass of iced tea because it does not meet her high taste standards. You know what I'm tempted to say to her, regarding this.

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