Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Favorite Aborigines

Maybe that is an insulting term. I do not mean it to be. But the American Indians have a history and way of life that I admire.

But I intend to go much further than that. My intentions or hopes, would be that some of us could imitate them, live as they did before the Europeans came.

Their demise, and in many cases death, was as sad and inevitable as the felling of a beautiful tree. This is not to blame anyone. The clash of cultures was as inevitable as a Greek tragedy. Before the white man came many of them fought one another, I know that.

I am not mourning the advance of the modern culture. With all its exploitation it became a great missionary culture. The first book ever printed in America was the Bible in an Indian language. Someone translated their spoken language into a written language.

I have no Indian blood. I am English-German. So this is not an ethnic rant. All I am saying is that we can learn a way of life from these people. We may soon have to live without electricity (horrors!), no food stores, no houses even. We may be hunted as they once were, as cultures totally change and collapse. Can we learn to live off the land as the Corn People once did? Can we be mobile as the Bison People were?

Does this sound crazy? To reject this idea may be what is crazy.

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